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iCan is about assisting the everyday life of senior adults. An online platform and application that focuses on intriguing seniors to occupy themselves with something that will help them remain active and self-assisted.

iCan uses approachable technology, appealing to the average person of older age. The platform will be accompanied by a smartwatch that will be wirelessly connected to the platform, measuring various biometrics and dynamically informing the wearer, as well as the platform and connected people such as family and doctors, for certain conditions and anomalies that may occur to the user.

Home deliveries of various kinds such as medicines or other goods, a service through which someone may offer to provide escorting to seniors, taxis for people with disabilities and smart gaming with a connected simplistic networking environment are among the features that make iCan unique.

End-users of various backgrounds will help forming the real extend of those features while developing the platform.

Partners involved in the project:

  • GeoImaging Ltd (Cyprus) – Coordinator
  • Agecare (Cyprus) LTD – Materia Group (Cyprus)
  • Innovatekbi Krea SL (Spain)
  • Bluepoint Consulting SRL (Romania)
  • Ana Aslan International Foundation (Romania)
  • Eskilara (Spain)

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