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The primary purpose of the HERO project is to propose a comprehensive solution for the social integration of migrants and refugees in European countries and especially in the Mediterranean countries.

Specifically, the project aims to create an educational technological tool (platform and application) for the education of these people on the health care of the elderly but also in the local language and culture. The ultimate goal is the smooth integration of refugees into the labour market and the improvement of their quality of life.

The HERO project involves six partner organizations

  • Materia (MATERIA) (Cyprus)
  • Aktios (AKTIOS) (Greece)
  • National Institute of Health and Science on Aging of Italy (IRCCS INRCA) (Italy)
  • Computer Solutions SA (CSSA) (Greece)
  • Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) (Cyprus)
  • DomusVida (SPSI) (Portugal)

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