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Health Care 4.0

The amount of care- dependent people has increased steadily which led to an increased need of caregivers in nursing care. This tendency is expected to grow further through European countries. Even though there are initiatives to qualify support staff within the country the current and future demand of qualified staff cannot be covered without recruiting personnel abroad.

There are many certified nurses with migrant backgrounds who left their home country and immigrated to European countries where they expected to have a more prosper future in the health sector, but lost their jobs due to the economic crises.

The aim of this project is to evaluate and determine detected needs in care institutions regarding further training and onboarding procedures of Migrant Nurses and sharing of current practice. As a result of this a list of criteria on current practices in health care institutions will be created. Based on this will come up with possible solutions to tackle the identified skills gap in the light of creating an innovative tool for teaching, training and decentralized learning – by developing an open source education software (Mobile app) which can be used location- independent.

Partner Organisations

  • Synthesis Center for Research and Education (Cyprus)
  • Social Cooperative company for Collective and Social Benefit – Hospital Care in House (Greece)
  • Materia Group (Cyprus)
  • Bürgerhilfe Landesverband Niedersachsen e.V. (Germany)
  • Europcare (Germany)

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