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The project aims to support caregivers and the elderly people, to find solutions in preventing and coping with loneliness with the help of dedicated Training, Counselling and digital Tools.

Loneliness is widely recognized as among the most significant and entrenched issues facing our aging society, which is sadly proofed by the actual COVID-19 Crisis. The social isolation from the current COVID-19 pandemic triggers an ethical dilemma, especially for institutionalized older people who may be visited by a carer in a limited extent. Its importance is shown by the fact that this public health measure reduces the risk of infection, but that loneliness is the answer to emotional, social and existential isolation. The effects of loneliness can also be seen in negative health-related outcomes.

The partnership includes the following organisations

  • Hafelekar (HAF) (Austria)
  • UMIT Tirol – The Tyrolian Private University (Austria)
  • Materia (Cyprus)
  • Caminos – NGO (Spain)
  • Consulenza Direzionale di Paolo Zaramella (CDPZ) (Italy)
  • University of Cyprus (Cyprus)

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